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Name: Alex | Level: 20 | Class: Game Student

Hey there!

I’m a game developer, currently specializing in game programming, who aims to grow in each of its related disciplines. Therefore, I am exploring different tools to create games while writing in C# for the most part.

On top of that, I have a remarkable artistic interest and skills in traditional and digital art, mostly in 2D, and am able to shape and contribute to a project with my knowledge about game design.

During my studies at Cologne Game Lab, I have have been part of several projects that emerged from a shared vision of a talented and enthusiastic team. This is what keeps me passionate about game development!

Grab some snacks, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy some of my works presented on here!

Project Highlights

Juggernaut Legacy

Juggernaut Legacy is an local augmented reality application, building a framework that translates widely-known analogue hand games into a cyberpunk setting, allowing you to fight for victory. Choose your team now!


Side Effects (of being human) is a story-driven, isometric puzzle adventure exploring various nuances and incalculable aspects of human nature based on chosen life stories, guided by a variety of puzzles giving you clues of their past.

Tukki & Champ

Who can collect the most bugs?
Tukki & Champ is a casual local two-player action game with a twist: despite moving as one unit together, you have to compete against each other for food!