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Juggernaut Legacy is a local augmented reality application, which builds a framework that translates widely-known analog hand games into a cyberpunk setting, allowing you to fight for victory. Choose your team now!

Platform: Mobile (Android)
Genre: Team-Competetive AR Application
Tools: Unity, Vuforia, Firebase
Development Time: 8 weeks
Role: Lead Programming
Topic: Mixed Realities

This project enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and use different tools in collaboration with Unity. For Juggernaut Legacy, it was required to juggle between database and interface programming while trying to make all the tools used work hand in hand together.

Working on this app made a great alternative to pure gameplay programming!

My responsibilities included:

// setting up and maintaining a Firebase Realtime Database
// integrating and working with Firebase & Vuforial Libraries
// working with asynchronous tasks and game loops
// setting up an authentication process for each user with Firebase Authentication
// matching database values to the individual user profile
// combining the database approach with the Vuforia AR engine


Franziska Blank – Gameplay / UI Design
Nina Roesner – Narrative Design / UI Design
Alba Pläp Golfe – Concept Art / Character Art
Alex Nieradzik – Lead Programming

Robert Pavic – UI Art / 3D Art

Tukki & Champ