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Side Effects (of being human) is a story-driven, isometric puzzle adventure. It explores various nuances and incalculable aspects of human nature based on chosen life stories, guided by a variety of puzzles giving you clues of their past.

Platform: PC
Genre: Puzzle-Narrative Graphic Adventure
Tools: Unity, Articy:Draft
Development Time: 6 weeks
Role: Programming / Sound Design
Topic: When Will I Be Loved?

Side Effects (of being human) was my debut as a programmer and introduced me to all functions of Unity and the creation of 2D games. I learned about sorting sprite layers for an isometric effect and was confronted with numerous different challenges due to the variety of puzzles and features we had.

This was a perfect start to get familiar with the Unity Engine and building the logic to various problems!

My responsibilities included:

// setting up the isometric perspective
// adapting to isometric movement
// coding various individual puzzles
// adding game feel elements like flickering, screenshake, floating objects
// creating a main menu and in-game UI
// coding a sound manager responsible for adaptive music
// composing musical pieces for different ares of the map


Programming: Maurice Andreas & Alex Nieradzik
Narrative Design: Isaac Baltsch
Gameplay Design: Nina Rösner
Lead Artist: Angelo Wedel

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