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Who can collect the most bugs? Tukki & Champ is a casual local two-player action game with a twist: despite moving as one unit together, you have to compete against each other for food!

Platform: PC
Genre: Local Two-Player Action
Tools: Unity
Development Time: 8 weeks
Role: Character Concept Art / UI Art
Topic: Symbiosis

Working on the art for Tukki & Champ enabled me to explore new territory. Apart from creating remarkable characters and their shape language, I have come to face 2D animation and UX design for the first time. Hereby I was considering the function of each produced asset as well as an appropriate visual representation of the game’s progress that is easy to grasp in the course of the gameplay.

This project taught me how to think in different layers of the game and considering these in the art production.

My responsibilities included:

// working out character concept art
// creating concepts & illustrating assets for collectibles
// prepare 2D Animations for collectibles
// producing UI / UX Art such as the score bar, buttons, feedback


Programming: Arthur Kehrwald
Game Design: Ignacio Di Paola
Concept Art / UI Art: Alex Nieradzik
Environment / Character Art: Mohamed Hanafy


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